So 28th April Post Match Report -                          Gower Paddle Surf Club
Well in the end, at 7pm, Caswell was a horrific lumpy, side and back washy mess and with safety in mind (and 20 prone surfers already in the cramped lineup) we decamped and headed to Swansea Bay. Swansea was a high tide mill pond and a very pleasant paddle was had between Knab Rock and the West Cross Inn. Of Particular interest was the board that Matt from SUP Gower brought along - a Drops 8'11" Furious. This board has a modern shortboard template with a twin fin set up and a domed deck - and although only 8 11 it was suprisingly easy to paddle and would clearly be loads of fun in waves.
It did cross my mind that if you live on the Gower and you SUP - if you can get down on a Wednesday you are not really likely to ever get a better chance to try out so many new boards, size, shape, make, style etc. So come on down. (Even if one of them is the inflatable that Dogman brought along :-) - but even that was huge fun with a very high grin factor as soon you experience the flex..

Matt tells me he has new toys for people to try on the next flat water session - so watch this space.

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